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power your business or commercial Property with Clean, Renewable Solar Energy

Transform the way your business operates by harnessing

the power of the sun.

A cutting-edge commercial solar power system from CBS Solar is designed to make your business more energy efficient, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. A solar energy system can help reduce operating costs by generating clean, reliable power that can be scaled to meet your precise needs and protect your business from continually rising energy costs.


This investment can also demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. It is a tangible step towards a greener future. Become less dependent on conventional energy sources and take control of your energy consumption.


Your company can maximize return on investment with various tax incentives and grant opportunities for businesses that implement solar energy solutions. Accelerated depreciation can also enhance the return.

Every property is unique and has different energy needs.

The team at CBS Solar works closely with you to design a solar power system scaled to your specific energy needs. Your operation will benefit from the latest technological improvements such as advanced inverters, bi-facial solar arrays and nano-technology coating for optimum efficiency and power generation.


Commercial solar systems from CBS Solar are reliable and built to last.

Make a smart investment in the future of your business.

Sustainable business operations are on the mind of many business owners and commercial developers. CBS Solar can guide you through the process of integrating a solar power system for your operation, saving you money while protecting your bottom line and projecting a positive, proactive corporate image. Contact the team at CBS Solar for all the details regarding a commercial solar power system.

roof Mount

Roof Mount solar panels,

Short's Brewing,

Bellaire, MI

1021 Jefferson #5.png

Mono Pole

Mono Pole solar panels, Storm Cloud Brewing, Frankfort, MI

Screen Shot 2024-02-15 at 4.01.07 PM.png

rack mount

Rack Mount solar panels, Iron Fish Distillery, Thompsonville, MI


bi-facial & 

Super Tracker

• CBS Solar Bi-Facial solar panel

• CBS Solar Super Tracker

4 Tracker System 2021.png

commercial customers

“During the restoration process of The Garden Theater, it became very clear that we had an opportunity to do something special on the expansive roof of the building as it related to renewable energy. Working with the architects to ensure the new roof structure was engineered in a way to allow for a solar garden was a high priority for our group and a logical next step in our journey to reduce our impact on the environment. Solar energy is a perfect fit for the Friends of the Garden Theatre sustainability goals for the operations of the non-profit organization. This project will provide not only immediate impact with our energy usage, but it is also a meaningful investment in the long-term viability of the Garden Theater. Our experience with CBS Solar has been nothing short of outstanding; a true partnership.”
Rick Schmitt, Board Member, Garden Theater, Franckfort, MI
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