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 CBS Solar manufacturing is UL 1703 Approved The modules are a high efficient 300 watt and 250 watt solar module for the US market to sell and distribute a Michigan-made, US content module.

CBS Solar is listed at No. 239 on the 2016 Top 500 Solar Contractors List!



To work towards establishing solar energy as a primary source of electricity for all commercial and residential properties throughout the US. This is an opportunity for every community to use a clean renewable energy as their main source of electricity. We don’t need to rely on unsustainable fossil fuels any longer. Now is the time to thrive on the planets abundant supply of renewable energy. This will not only transform our economy but will ensure a brighter future for the next generations. We are pleased to announce that we now have a Manufacturing facility in Northern Michigan.

CBS has been approved for Michigan Renewable Energy Certification System (MIRECS) credits. Sec- tion 39(2)(d) of 2008 PA 295 allows for anadditional one-tenth of a renewable energy credit to be created “for each megawatt hour of electricity generated from a renewable energy system contracted using equipment made in Michigan as determined by the Commission. The section also states the additional credit “is available for the first three years after the renewable energy system first produces electricity on a commercial basis.”

CBS Modules are Manufactured in Northern Michigan

Quality Product

All manufactured modules are tested 100% by EL (Electroluminescence) during the production process. Our high-performance modules are highly efficient, reliable and provide optimal output.

High Efficiency

High module efficiency is obtaining top performance even in diffused light conditions. We are leaders in pro- viding our customers with maximum sunlight conversion efficiency.

Application Possibilities

Residential and commercial rooftops, carports, awnings, balconies, solar farming, streetlights, fences and cano- pies.

From 240w-300w, our panels fit every need from small residential to large commercial. We can help you decide which size fits your needs. CBS offers design and feasibility studies upon request.

Product Capacity

CBS is one of the leading manufacturers of solar products in Michigan. With a 10 Mw capacity.



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